The Best 2nd Anniversary Gifts to Make Her Feel “SPECIAL”

Your 2nd anniversary rounds the corner and you’re wondering what to gift your wife in order to make this day truly special to her. Remember the day she walked into your life… everything seemed so beautiful. She holds such an important place in your life.

Searching a gift for your wife can be less worrisome if you know what to look for. So, which is the best 2nd anniversary gift that will make her feel special?

2nd anniversary

The 2nd Anniversary Marks Cotton

As per the rule of the book, the 2nd anniversary celebration calls for a gift made of cotton. There are a variety of cotton options to choose from and cotton apparels are the most popular choice. This includes fashionable and elegant cotton blouses and dresses or cozy and comfortable pajamas. You can add accessories such as her favorite perfume, jewelry (many are fond of chunkier jewelry), belts and a hat. You can present her with a gift coupon to a boutique that is famous for cotton clothing so that she can go pick what she likes. Cotton themed gift baskets customized to your wife’s choice of items are another suitable option.

Majority women love to decorate their home by dressing up the interiors in an innovative manner. Cotton drapes, Pillow cases, throw blankets, comforters, sofa covers, table cloths are just a handful of the furniture accents you can gift your wife. It would be best to choose them in shades of her choice. A cotton T-shirt with a picture of you can be a perfect keepsake. You can buy handmade colorful cotton jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Modern Gift Ideas…

The modern gift idea options include buying something made of China.  In this regard, there are many options that could be suitable for a wife. You can buy a China tea set or a dinner set with delicate designs or one in her favorite color. A vase with white and pink cosmos also makes a great gift. Cosmos are 2nd anniversary flowers.  You can create a china plate stamped with your wedding date and a photograph of you two.

Digressing from the Traditional and Modern

Instead of opting only for conventional ideas, you can try to make your 2nd anniversary gift more personalized; one that leaves a lasting memory. Put together all the creativity in you to create something that will really move and surprise her. Prepare a journal or scrapbook with photos capturing memories of the past right from your courtship days and write-ups expressing what she means to you.

Above all you can pamper your beloved with luxurious gift baskets. A box of delicious chocolates, rejuvenating spa packages and rich wines will delight her. Floral baskets are another gift you can present her with. Give her a day off from the kitchen and put your culinary skills to the test. Prepare a scrumptious and romantic dinner. If there are not many household responsibilities to handle, you can plan a short weekend getaway where the two of you can spend quality time together.

Your 2nd anniversary is an important milestone in your life; an event you should celebrate lavishly. Make this day a memorable one by gifting your wife something special.

Make your 2nd anniversary special

A wedding anniversary is a reminder of the most special day of the lives of a couple i.e. the day when they got married. Even though it is not hard for the husband to pick up a good gift for the wife at the first anniversary, for the coming anniversaries it becomes somewhat difficult to find new types of wedding anniversary gifts. Thus to help you out here are some different 2nd anniversary gift ideas for you-

2 anniversary

1) Surprise her

Even though the women have a yen for jewellery but you must have probably tried that one on the first anniversary. So, for the 2nd anniversary you can make the day special for her by doing something special for her. If she loves chocolates then take her to the best chocolate mall in your town. Buy her a number of different fancy chocolates and then won’t she be delighted to have such a special treat? If she loves movies then why don’t you book all the seats in a small theatre and then take her to the theatre to watch a movie in solitude. It would be one of the most romantic 2nd anniversary gift ever.

2) Take her to a trip

After a year or two past marriage it becomes somewhat difficult for the couple to spend some quality time together, let alone going on a vacation together. Thus, you could arrange a romantic trip to a romantic city like Spain or Rome where you could spend some really quality time with her. Make sure that she doesn’t have any important issues to be sorted out at the office as in case she couldn’t get a leave for the vacation then it would such a spoilsport. You can ask her boss in advance if he is ready to give her leave. This would prevent any troubles later.

3) Get her what she really want

You could rack your brains to think of any apparel or shoes that she yearned for when you went to the mall a few weeks back. If you couldn’t get her that at the moment due to high price or any other reason then perhaps you could make her chuffed at the anniversary then. She would be really surprised and utterly happy to get the thing which she really wanted by her loving husband. You are bound to get a plenty kisses for that.

 4) Arrange a personal candle light dinner for her

If you want to make your 2nd anniversary a really special day for her then how about arranging a lovely candle light dinner for her at home? You could make the ambience even more magical by putting soft music in the music player near the dining table, putting the lights dim and making dinner all by yourself if you can. When she will come to the home in the evening then she would be pleased to get such a warm welcome at home. When you will have the intimate dinner then you both would come even closer.